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Anello กระเป๋าโท้ท STROLL Size Reg. รุ่น AT-R0026-MUS

Anello กระเป๋าโท้ท STROLL Size Reg. รุ่น AT-R0026-MUS

Luggage & Bags

Brand : anello

Color : Yellow

Collection Stroll Tote Bag Can be used in 2 types, with handles that can be held or slung And able to carry it back Can be made as a backpack Compact size Conveniently Also, the shoulder strap can also be a slip string to completely seal the bag. This tote bag Can easily be folded into a small bag that comes together Suitable for everyday use And in every journey\r\n \r\n \r\n Material: Polyester\r\n Number of pockets: 3\r\n Handle : 62 cm. \r\n Weight : 300g\r\n Capacity: 22L\r\n Size : W(54) x H(40) x D(18) cm.

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