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Anello Legato กระเป๋าโท้ท Tote REG รุ่น LJ-F1434

Anello Legato กระเป๋าโท้ท Tote REG รุ่น LJ-F1434

Luggage & Bags

Brand : anello

Color : White

What you need for a work bag is the perfect feeling and capacity for A4 size (clear files) .However, I want to brighten up my impressions and emotions. This bag with cute color tones is perfect for you. It is lightweight, approximately 430 grams, and has multiple compartments that can be divided into portions, making it easy to use in every scene and less. Carry bags suitable for everyday use\n Material: Polyurethane (PU)\n Weight: About 430 grams\n Number of channels: 5

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