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Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine (30ea)

Don't let the idea of skin peeling scare you! Neogen's Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling pads combine both manual and chemical exfoliation with an ultra-gentle formula to give you soft, smooth skin. With a unique 3-layer system, these pads effectively remove dead sk...

Art Class by Rodin Shader (9.5g)

Class is in session! Chisel out your cheeks with Too Cool For School's By Rodin Shader, a 3-in-1 contouring powder that leaves a naturally carved finish on the skin. Made with fine pigments, this powder blends easily with a brush, making contouring effort...

All Kill Black Peeling Pad (5ea)

RiRe’s All Kill Blackhead range is our favorite way to get rid of those unsightly blackheads! These dual sided pads gently peel away dead skin, exfoliating to reveal smooth, bright skin underneath. It’s infused with charcoal powder, black rice and blueber...

After School BB Foundation Lunch Box (40ml), NO.2 (#23) Watery Skin

Althea Says: Nothing quite tickles our fancy like super convenient products that aren't just fantastic to use, they're perfect for bringing around too! Too Cool For School's After School BB Foundation Lunch Box is an all-in-one face kit consisting of a BB...

Muhly Romance Better Lips-Talk Velvet (3.4g), BR408 Sunset Picnic

In case of running out of stock, it will be delivered to the existing Rose Gold container case....

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